What services are available at the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson Airport?

For information about the airport, click here

How do I apply for a Canadian passport?

For all details about applying for a passport, click here to find out how to apply for a Canadian passport, check processing times for passport applications, find service locations, learn about new requirements, and see what to do if your passport is lost, stolen or damaged.

I’m traveling to another country, do I need a Visa?

Here is up to date information from the Government of Canada

I’m traveling to another country, do I need any special immunizations?

Check here, and as always, check with your physician.

I might do some shopping while I’m away, what can I bring back to Canada?

Click here to find out what you can bring back.

I’m traveling with children, what do I need to know?

Click here for  useful information you should know before you leave the country with children, as well as material on international adoption and a sample consent letter for children who are travelling without their legal guardian.

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